About Us

Welcome to Azalea Boutique. We are a new small business dedicated to providing you with the styles you love. All of our clothes are curated for women, by women. 

Our Backstory: 

Founded in 2021 by Nicole. Nicole, like many others, was laid off from her job when the pandemic hit. Luckily, this gave her the push she needed to finally start her online clothing store. Being without work and not having many options, she decided to take the risk she had been thinking about for years. Having a passion for women's fashion, and hating not always being able to find the outfits we want led us to Azalea Boutique.

We know that everyone's style is unique. Our goal is to be able to appeal to everyone's individual style. We want you to feel confident and as beautiful in our clothes as you already are.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out. Thank you for visiting our store and we hope to see you back soon!


Azalea Boutique